The Company

Today, our focus is wider. We are in Yarn Dyeing, Yarn Dyed Value Added fabrics and Cotton Sport Socks.


 Buyers prefer us for being vertical unit with production facility of  Dyed Yarn, Knitted Fabrics i.e. Auto Striper and Feeder Stripe Knitted Fabrics as area of specialization

Our unit is composed of 12 Sangiacomo and 40 Lonati, 4 inch dia, 108 needles sports socks knitting machines with real heal and pouch for logo, designs and stripers. Currently our exports are to USA and Europe.

Socks Department

The objective behind is to get process reliability, consistency in results, fulfilling customers desired parameters and safety aspects related to Eco concerns.

We can also offer special Finish like Sanitized (production against bacteria)

There is a constant endeavor to improve quality and competitiveness of our products while at the same time upgrading our service to match the needs of the time.

To meet the above challenges, we have acquired the expertise of Swiss and German suppliers in the fields of chemistry  and engineering. The partnership has helped us to stand up against world-class competition with due concern for environment and ecology.

This has been largely possible by virtue of integrity, dedication and professional  competence of our team members who meet the stringent quality standards of our customers through state-of-the-art production facilities, we maintain in our manufacturing units.

We are constantly trying to meet the expectations of our valued customers in Pakistan who are suppliers to sell reputed  name all over the world.